How To Use This Site

  • The VPT Math is divided into 10 units, which are each divided into sub-units.*
  • To the right, you’ll notice links to each unit. Each unit page has links to problems related to its sub-units.
  • You should try each problem; if you get the answer correct and feel confident you can move on to the next unit or sub-unit.
  • If you don’t get the answer correct, there are links to resources that can help you with that specific topic. Practice with them until you feel that you can move on.

Below, you will find more information about some of the sites that you will be sent to…look them over so that you’re comfortable with where our links will lead you to.

*Note: At this point, MathSite is a pilot, containing only resources for the first three units of the VPT Math. Let us know what you think by using the Evaluation link to the right.

Resources Used By MathSite:

Khan Academy –
Many of the resources on this site will use the Khan Academy. While you can use the resources without having an account, we recommend that you go ahead and get one.

NROC – Nation Repository of Online Courses –
NROC provides a wealth of open lessons and tutorials on math that you can access without registering. Each lesson provides a warm up, presentation, worked examples, practice problems and a review. There is also a text document that you can print and use as study material.

MathVids –
MathVids also provides lessons and tutorials that are open to all; we have chosen those that are best suited to helping you do well on the VPT Math. One advantage of their material is that you can also view it on smart phones and tablets.

YouTube –
Like MathVids, we have chosen the best of the videos available to help you succeed on the VPT Math, and they are also viewable on virtually any device. Just make sure to stay focused on math once you visit the Youtube site!